We are excited to add Aqua Nyoni (Aqua Drip) to our family

Notice from Agrico management

Agrico is proud to announce the acquisition of Aqua Nyoni (also known as Aqua Drip), a highly successful irrigation business based in Empangeni and Pongola within KwaZulu Natal.

For 26 years, Willie Vosloo (CEO of Aqua Nyoni) and his dedicated team have built a highly successful irrigation business with stakeholders, forging strong relationships with growers, based on strong technical expertise and dependable service. We are excited to work alongside Willie and his team to continue to provide optimal irrigation solutions and excellent service.

How will the acquisition affect product and service availability?

Agrico, as a deep-rooted and steadfast irrigation company, values long-term relationships with customers by providing them with the optimal solution to meet their irrigation needs. This acquisition will allow Agrico to extend its value chain into Empangeni and Pongola by providing a complete product range, solid technical support and long term corporate stability. Financing options for irrigation systems, especially centre pivots, will also be introduced.

How does the acquisition of Aqua Nyoni by Agrico affect existing customers?

All existing Aqua Nyoni customers will receive a temporary credit limit, to ensure a smooth transition to the new administrative system. Please complete the attached credit application form to enable us to offer you a permanent credit facility. Please return the completed form to debtors@agrico.co.za.

We look forward to long and mutually beneficial relationships with both growers and team members!

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