Centre pivot and linear irrigation systems

Agrico centre pivots and linear irrigators for energy-efficient and optimal irrigation.

Centre pivot and linear irrigation systems

Agrico designs and manufactures a wide range of centre pivot and linear irrigators locally, in-house for farms across Africa! Our centre pivots are optimised for efficiency and designed with extensive engineering capabilities over 100 years of industry experience.

Agrico centre pivots are reliable, secure and offered at competitive prices. Learn more about Agrico’s linear and centre pivot irrigation systems.

Key features of Agrico’s centre pivot irrigation systems

The Agrico centre pivot has been continuously improved since the first machine was built in 1988. As the leading manufacturer of centre pivots in South Africa, we put in the research and development required to bring you the most advanced technology in irrigation.

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Centre pivot drawing

Autoflush valve to eliminate clogging


A low flow rate in the last few pipe lengths of the pivot can cause dirt to build up. The Autoflush valve eliminates the problem of clogged nozzles by flushing the machine every time the pump is started, thereby purging the dirt from the overhang.

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Highest quality galvanising


Agrico piping is guaranteed to have at least a 100-micron zinc layer, ensuring a piping lifespan 1.4 times as long as pipes galvanised according to regular industry standards.

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Many tower options


Tower structures are available in low, standard and high clearance, to accommodate all kinds of crops. Our optional windsaver towers have a longer wheelbase for windy areas, and come with a two year warranty against being blown over.

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Long spans save money


The optimised structure of our spans allows us to cover up to 70 m with a single span. This means fewer towers, fewer wheel tracks, fewer motors, fewer gearboxes and fewer tyres. Less maintenance. Less trouble. Lower cost. Higher yield.

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Electrical control system


We use only the highest quality branded switchgear. The electrical system is 100 % rust-free to limit corrosion and malfunction of the control system. A control voltage of 230 V (versus 110 V used in US machines) decreases resistive losses in the cable while improving prices and availability of parts in southern Africa.

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Agrico Web Control


Agrico centre pivots come with a variety of web and electro-mechanical control panel options. Our Agrico Web Control system has the ability to control multiple pumps, vary pump speed and pressure as machines are started or stopped as well as change position.

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Agrico's centre pivot irrigation systems

Agrico centre pivots and linear irrigators are manufactured using the highest quality and most durable materials.

We provide dedicated after-sales service to support your machine throughout its years of faithful service.

Some of the benefits of centre pivot and linear irrigation systems include a low initial cost, low labour requirement and maintenance, long lifetime and excellent uniformity of water application.

Find out more about our centre pivot irrigation systems below.

The Agrico G4 centre pivot

Our fourth-generation centre pivot is the result of three decades of accumulated knowledge and experience.

Designed from the ground up, we have incorporated every lesson learnt over the years to build a highly theft-resistant and sturdy irrigation machine for African conditions.

G4 Agrico centre pivot

Features of the Agrico G4 centre pivot

Close up of lock

Resistant to theft and vandalism

The G4 centre pivot is designed to safeguard your property against theft. All cables, electrical and drive train components are either hidden or made safe. The span cable is protected within the span pipe and tubular tower legs, and a completely revised compact centre with a secure main panel enclosure prevents vandalism.

shallow track centre pivots

Shallow wheel track for less crop damage

The narrow built tower structure with its closely mounted wheels decreases the dead area next to the wheel track by more than 30 %. Less crop damage and dryer wheel tracks provide you with maximum yields and profitability.

Agrico irrigation component

Re-designed compact centre and span structure

The evenly loaded G4 structure allows spans of up to 70 m, the longest in the world. New features include centre and span joints with a corrosion-free rubber-on-plastic seal for maintenance-free operation, direct metal-on-metal contact between flanges to limit UV damage and much more.

G4 Centre pivot nozzles

Optimal nozzle spacing

A 2.5 m nozzle spacing allows excellent wetting uniformity and higher yields, even when using low-maintenance static sprinklers. A 5 m spacing option can be selected when modern dynamic sprinklers are used.

Agrico web control app

Agrico Web Control

Agrico G4 pivots are compatible with Agrico Web control, which has the ability to control multiple pumps, vary pump speed as machines are started or stopped or change pivot position, minimising energy consumption.
G4 Centre pivot nozzle

Compatible with LEPA

LEPA (Low Energy Precise Application) places sprinklers on a centre pivot much closer to the ground, and reduces the spacing between them to maintain irrigation uniformity. As with drip- and micro-irrigation, the water is placed directly at the root zone, greatly reducing evaporation due to strong winds and high temperatures. LEPA sprinklers operate at low pressure to save energy during irrigation.
Centre pivot

The Agrico G3 centre pivot

Widely known for its reliability and versatility, the Agrico G3 centre pivot faithfully serves producers across the continent. Our trusted G3 offers coverage from 2 to 200 hectares and is suitable for standard, high or low clearance irrigation, as well as linear irrigation.

High-stability towers, long spans, extra-thick galvanising, rust-free control systems and Autoflush valves are standard features that distinguish Agrico pivots from the rest.

Features of the Agrico G3 centre pivot

G3 Agrico centre pivot

Stable centre structure

The G3 pivot boasts a selection of centre structures. The Agrico three-legged structure is the strongest on the market, while our robust sloping-pipe centre saves costs and enables easy towing. Available in fixed and towable versions, our centre structures feature long lived seals and stainless steel electrical cable conduits, avoiding the problems associated with external collector rings.
Agrico G3 centre pivot

Ultra-strong machine structure

No commercial quality steel is used in Agrico centre pivots. Pipes, flanges and angles are of 355 WA steel with a yield strength of at least 355 MPa and an ultimate tensile strength of at least 450 MPa to guarantee extra sturdiness. Other structural features include an ultra-strong rod-pocket, 16 mm flange bolts, truss rods manufactured using EN8 steel, 10 mm thick flanges and one-piece factory-welded leg assemblies, which are reinforced in high-stress areas.
Centre pivot

Optimised span design

The high bow of the Agrico centre pivot allows for spans lengths of up to 67 m. All our machines have dedicated tower- and pivot-end pipes at the beginning and end of each span, reinforced at critical points to eliminate the buckling often seen in other pivots. We use custom software to determine the optimal pipe size from our full range of pipe diameters (101 mm, 127 mm, 165 mm and 194 mm), taking into account pivot flow, price of electricity, interest rate and payback period.
G3 galvanising

Extra-thick galvanising

All piping is galvanised in-house and guaranteed to have at least a 100-micron zinc layer. The pipes of an Agrico pivot will last at least 1.4 times as long as piping galvanised according to industry standards.
Rust free G3 centre pivot

Rust-free control system

We use only high-quality, branded electrical switchgear. Rust-free stainless steel main panel enclosure plus rust-free UV-stabilised, fibre-reinforced polyester tower boxes with solid stainless steel control rods ensure ultimate durability. Agrico pivots will not collapse as a result of rusted control rods, or broken age-embrittled plastic cam arms.

Centre pivot

Compatible with LEPA

LEPA (Low Energy Precise Application) is an alteration on a center pivot where the sprinklers are placed much closer to the ground. The sprinkler package places water directly at the root zone, greatly reducing evaporation due to strong winds and high temperatures. LEPA sprinklers operate at low pressure to save energy during irrigation. Agrico has fitted around
65 000 spray plates to hundreds of pivot spans over the last years. We have perfected the arrangement of sprinklers in order to reduce the spacing and make LEPA possible.

Agrico’s linear irrigation systems

Linear irrigators move laterally up and down crop fields to provide even, widespread irrigation – optimising water usage, limiting runoff and improving crop yields. Linear irrigators are typically most suitable for fields with a long and rectangular shape, and for situations where land is the limiting factor, not water.

Agrico linear irrigators can be customised to various field sizes and provide a range of benefits for agricultural applications. Our linear irrigation systems utilise industry-leading components and offer many beneficial features.

Features of Agrico linear irrigation systems

Same durable structure

Agrico’s linear irrigation systems are built to last using the same components used in our G3 pivots, which have been honed to perfection over the last three decades. Our pipes undergo an extra thick galvanisation process to ensure they remain rust-resistant, preventing unnecessary repairs and issues.

Two and four wheel inline carts

When you order an Agrico linear machine, you can choose between a two wheel or inline-four wheel cart, which enables the system to drag a longer hose, placing hydrants further apart and saving you hours of moving and reconnecting hoses.

Simple and reliable guidance system

Linear irrigators are inherently more complex than centre pivots, since they can’t simply rotate around a fixed point. Agrico has perfected the design of our linear guidance and alignment system, keeping your machine in line and on track.

Frequently asked questions about centre pivots and linear irrigators

In order to design and install the right irrigation system, an agricultural expert needs to survey your fields and have accurate insight into your farming requirements and objectives. 

Depending on these outcomes, an expert will recommend the right type of surface irrigation (like drip and micro-irrigation) or overhead irrigation system to match your exact needs.

Precise application targeted fertigation and limited surface runoff 

Centre pivot irrigation systems distribute optimal volumes of water or nutritional solutions across widespread areas of land. Even application reduces the risk for nutrient losses, and the system may also be used to optimally apply herbicides and pesticides.  Centre pivot systems are designed to minimise surface run-off and provide deep percolation when used to farm suitable crops.

Reduced variability

Centre pivot systems are generally 80-95% efficient in application, which is high marks compared to 50-90% for forms of surface irrigation.

Lower labour requirements

Centre pivot irrigation systems can be automated, and even paired with remote control and monitoring capabilities. This allows farmers to optimise systems remotely, and reduce the need for labour to constantly operate the equipment.

The cover of a centre pivot irrigation system largely depends on the size of your fields, as the cost per hectare for pivots and components is usually cheaper for larger systems. 

Centre pivot irrigation systems are designed based on your farm’s specific requirements and may be associated with other prior preparation processes such as adjustments to your fields’ topographical composition.

Contact our Agrico sales team to provide you with a detailed quote.

The cost of a linear irrigation system is usually estimated per hectare based on the size of the farm. Linear irrigation systems are also associated with other costs, including aspects such as land preparation to ensure implementation of the system is viable.

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Looking for centre pivot irrigation systems for sale in South Africa?

Agrico centre pivots are only one part of the Agrico total water management solution. Agrico also specialises in micro and drip irrigation systems and supplies irrigation equipment and components such as pumps, valves, pipes, filters and controllers. 

Your nearest Agrico agent can form the necessary information, advice and support you will need to make informed decisions about your irrigation strategy. Get in touch with us today.