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Agrico designs and supplies all types of irrigation systems and specialises in turnkey water supply projects. We build long-term relationships and offer excellent service to growers across Africa.

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The efficient use of water and energy lies at our core

Agrico designs and supplies all types of irrigation systems. Agrico also specialises in turnkey water supply projects. We provide elegant irrigation solutions, using only the best components and technology, to fit your specific needs and ensure optimal use of available water and energy resources.

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For everyone at Agrico,
it’s about you

For everyone at Agrico, it’s about you

Long-term relationships underpin our business. By getting to know you, your farm, production challenges and opportunities, we are better equipped to understand your irrigation needs and help you achieve success.

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At Agrico, water runs thicker than blood

Some are united through lineage. Others, through passion. Our obsession with efficient water transport and irrigation solutions is what binds us together. For more than 100 years, we have been innovating and streamlining the company to become the ultimate supplier of irrigation equipment.

Though much has changed over the years, one thing continues to unite the Agrico team: we work fervently to bring you the best irrigation solutions, every day.

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Our approach

Long-term relationships

We build long-term business relationships based on mutual trust, loyalty and respect. Close relationships with our clients, colleagues and suppliers help us develop a sound understanding of their needs and identify ways in which we can create value for them and society at large.

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Excellent service

At Agrico, we believe that we are only relevant as long as we create value. We back up our products with high calibre customer service and an extensive support network. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will go above and beyond to assist you and solve any problem you might have.

The optimal solution

Agrico approaches every farm individually. We specify and supply the irrigation system that suits the purpose best. With a wide range of irrigation equipment under one roof, Agrico aspires to deliver the appropriate and optimal solution every time.
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Value for money

We offer the most competitive prices on the market. Our extensive inventory, integrated supply chain and in-house manufacturing allow us to provide you with reliable yet affordable irrigation components that offer excellent value in terms of initial capital and low running costs.

We look ahead

Agrico strives to create a future scenario planning field. We identify challenges which could arise later and take future expansion into account when consulting with the client, while remaining focussed on the problem at hand.
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Innovation where it matters

Agrico uses the latest technology to bring you elegant solutions that fulfil local needs. We strive to identify shortcomings in the market and make the necessary investments to address them.

Our history

Paul and Anna Andrag

Paul and Anna Andrag arrive in Cape Town, South Africa, having left Germany. A blacksmith by trade, Paul works for the Moravian Mission near Caledon, managing a trading store at Genadendal.

Paul Andrag and children

Paul and his family move to Saron in the Tulbagh region, where he continues with a trading store. In the aftermath of the Anglo-Boer War, agricultural production in South Africa expands rapidly, and Paul notices that local farmers face many problems due to a lack of proper equipment and agricultural tools. As a solution, he starts importing equipment from Europe.

Agrico irrigation machinery 1926

His start-up company, then named Paul Andrag & Co, expands. They start importing more equipment to sell locally, including Lanz Tractors, Perrot Irrigation, Deutz Engines, Fahr Combines and KSB pumps. By 1926, they had opened a new branch in Gouda and another in Moorreesburg.

Agrico tractor 1928

In time, Paul’s five sons join him in the business, which is renamed to P Andrag & Sons (Pty) Ltd. The company manufactures much of the machinery and equipment locally, and introduces many pioneering ideas to South Africa.

John Deere agent building 1937

They install South Africa’s first sprinkler irrigation system, with the help of Perrot in Germany, a supplier of irrigation pipes. In the same year, the company signs an agreement with John Deere to become their agent in South Africa, a relationship that continued for more than 70 years.

Agrico Machinery company building 1950

A sister company, Agrico Machinery (Pty) Ltd, is founded to resume importation of Lanz Tractors from Germany, while P Andrag & Sons imports John Deere tractors and implements. The branch network of Agrico steadily grows in response to demand for its products.

Agrico irrigation component
P Andrag & Sons and Agrico enter the centre pivot market, jointly importing centre pivot irrigation equipment from Lindsay in the United States. The local manufacture of pipes and truss rods, under license, helps Agrico to achieve a significant market share.
PVC pipes

The company starts manufacturing PVC pipe. As the oldest manufacturer of PVC pipe in southern Africa, Agrico currently manufactures and sells more than 2 million metres of PVC every year.

Agrico centre pivot

Lindsay halts the export of centre pivots to South Africa. Over the course of a few short months Agrico tools up to fabricate all steel components in-house at its factory in Lichtenburg, giving birth to the Agrico G3 centre pivot.

Assembling Agrico irrigation component

The shareholders merge the Andrag and Agrico companies to realise synergies in manufacturing, marketing and distribution. The new entity is named Andrag Agrico. In the same year, a new factory with an integrated galvanising plant is opened in Lichtenburg. In 2010, the name of the company is shortened to Agrico.

Agrico irrigation machine

Agrico sells its imported mechanisation division to focus on irrigation and the transport of water. Colloquially referred to as 'Mexit', this simplification of the business allows Agrico to concentrate on its core business: the efficient use of water. Agrico retains its own range of robust implements, manufactured at its factories in Lichtenburg and Bellville.

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Agrico is currently the largest supplier of irrigation equipment in southern Africa, and continues to produce robust agricultural implements. More than 35 branches across southern Africa are focused on providing clients with the best advice, products and service regarding their irrigation needs.

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Tell us about your irrigation system needs - we’d love to help!

Agrico has multiple branches throughout southern Africa

We provide commercial irrigation solutions for a wide variety of farms growing a wide variety of crops. Your nearest Agrico agent can provide the necessary information, advice and support you will need to make informed decisions about your irrigation strategy.