Tough, versatile and durable. When you have large amounts of earth to move, these are the qualities you want in your heavy-duty equipment. Whatever the application, you can trust Agrico tippers to move your mountains.

Agrico 6.3 t Tipper Trailer

A hydraulic tipper for heavy loading with minimal effort

A light yet robust trailer, the Agrico topper trailer can handle loads of up to 6.3 tons while maintaining maximum maneuverability. Agrico heavy-duty tipper trailers let you transport and dump gravel, sand and rubble with ease while keeping fuel costs to a minimum.

Low tare weight with high payload

The Agrico tipper trailer is a lightweight and fuel-efficient tipper that offers a high loading capacity of 6.3 tons. A low trailer weight with a high payload ensures low fuel expenditure, without sacrificing the strength and grit that makes our tippers so popular.
Agrico tipper attached to tractor
Earth-moving tractor filling Agrico tipper

Low floor height and wide track for excellent stability

The Agrico tipper trailer has an extra wide track that provides outstanding stability on slopes and when turning. A low floor height of 560 mm provides a low centre of gravity for extra stability and easy loading.

Hydraulic tipper for heavy loading

Our trailer is extremely sturdy and suited for heavy lifting. Tipping is done with a single, centrally placed hydraulic cylinder for maximum loading capacity.
Agrico tipper
Agrico tipper

High flotation 400/60-15.5 tyres

A short drawbar length ensures excellent manoeuvrability and strength. High flotation 400/60-15.5 tyres allow trailers to “float” over sandy soil and loose sediment.

Robust and durable

No commercial quality steel is used in the manufacturing of Agrico tipper trailers. High tensile steel gives our tippers the ability to endure harsh conditions, load heavy materials and withstand corrosion. Built with a load body made of 4 mm high strength steel for longevity and a reinforced heavy duty axle.
Agrico tipper


Specifications 6.3 t Tipper Trailer
Loading / tipping capacity 6.3 t
Floor plate 4 mm steel
Wheel track 1600 mm
Tyres 400/60-15.5
Floor height 560 mm
Drawbar 100 x 150 tubing

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6.3 t Tipper Trailer

Versatile and robust tipper
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