Penetrate compact dirt layers and shatter the soil hardpan with Agrico rippers. The best way to support root growth, improve soil drainage and reduce erosion.

Agrico T-Series Reset Ripper

The best ripper in its class

The T-series is Agrico’s proven and popular reset ripper – a strong and efficient ripper for deep tillage and thorough and fast soil preparation.​

Heavy-duty and secure design for an extended life

High strength materials reduce wear-and-tear on tines and ensure a long lifespan. All shares are securely bolted to the tines, avoiding inadvertent loss of shares, while making it easy to exchange. Coiled springs improve longevity.
Agrico ripper
Agrico ripper

Versatility and precision

Rip through your soil with pure force and scientific precision. Agrico T-series rippers let you break up soil at various working depths for the best start to the season.

Automatic reset with no time wasted

Tines automatically reset during operation without having to reduce speed or raise the implement, making it ideal for soils with large embedded rocks. Optimal geometric design ensures good stubble flow and reduced clogging. Tines are fixed to the frame with u-bolts for easily adjustable tine spacing.

Agrico ripper
Agrico ripper

Elegant and cost-efficient design

Low fuel consumption due to an extremely low draft resistance and effective breakaway action. The T-series has the most consistent soil profile of all rippers on the market and demonstrates increased control and optimal operation.

Agrico's people understand farming and give the farmer exactly what he needs. The ripper is designed to be a part of our farming solution, and it is better than any imported alternative.


MODEL T800 T1000 T1250
Power requirement per tine (kW) ± 16 ± 25 ± 40 - 60
Standard tine spacing (mm) 400 500 500
Frame clearance (mm) 800 1000 1250
Ideal working depth (mm) 250 - 400 400 - 630 600 - 800
Breakaway force (N and kg) 5 600 / 560 7 600 / 760 12 500 / 1 250

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