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Agrico irrigation supplies

From start to finish, we get the job done. Agrico stocks all of the essential and supporting components that are required to supply a reliable irrigation system that meets your needs.

Our three wholly owned factories manufacture a range of irrigation components such as PVC and polyethylene pipes, filters, fittings, microjets, electric valves and more.

We also supply irrigation equipment and components from trusted brands such as Azud, KSB, DAB, Nelson, Netafim, Agriplas and many more. There is no part of an irrigation system we can’t supply, no matter how small or large.

Pumps and motors for irrigation systems

Pumps and motors form the heart of your irrigation system, maintaining the appropriate flow rate and correct pressure to meet your exact farming needs and produce healthy crops.

Agrico sells the full range of pumps and motors used in irrigation. Brands offered include KSB, WILO, DAB, Franklin, and Shakti.

We stock a vast range of above ground and submersible single and multi-stage centrifugal pumps, with bare shafts or close coupled to motors. We also build up pump sets to customer order by coupling motors to bare shaft pumps with a short lead time.

We also offer the full range of electrical control gear, including direct-on-line, start-delta and soft starters, as well as variable speed drives (VSDs) from leading manufacturers such as WEG and ABB. In conjunction with our Pump Controller and Web Control system, VSDs can vary the speeds of your pumps according to demand, often with significant savings in energy use.

Explore a wide range of premium irrigation pumps and motors, and learn more about their applications below.

centrifrugal pump

Centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pumps are by far the most popular above ground pumps used in irrigation. They are simple and robust, and efficient when correctly specified for the application.

Most bare shaft single-stage centrifugal pumps that we offer comply with EN733/DIN24255, and are matched to a motor depending on the application in which they will be used. Impellers can be customised as required.

Smaller pumps are often close-coupled with a motor.

Multistage pumps are available when higher pressures are required, such as when water needs to be moved over a large difference in height.

submersible irrigation pump

Submersible pumps and motors

Submersible pumps are pumps that can be fully submerged in a fluid. They are mainly used to pump water out of boreholes, but can also be useful to extract water from dams when mounted on a raft.

Submersible pumps and motors are sold separately, since the size of the motor depends on the depth at which the pump is mounted.

Agrico stocks a wide range of stainless steel submersible pumps and motors from leading manufacturers such as Shakti and WILO.

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Irrigation valves

Valves for irrigation systems

We take pride in providing you with a range of irrigation valves throughout southern Africa (and further).

Whether you are looking for foot valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves or gate valves, Agrico stocks them all.

We also offer a wide range of control valves in the various configurations commonly used in irrigation, such as electric solenoid valves, pressure reducing valves, pressure sustaining valves, with and without mechanical chokes and manual overrides, as required.

Explore various types of valves for your irrigation system below.

Diaphragm valve

Diaphragm valves

Diaphragm valves are well suited to control the pressure and flow of water in irrigation systems.

Our diaphragm valves are manufactured in-house at our factory in Bellville, or sourced from industry-leading manufacturers such as Dorot.

They are available in powder-coated cast iron and more recently, for smaller sizes, in plastic. Commonly sold control configurations incorporating solenoids and pilot valves are available directly from stock, or can be built up at short notice according to your requirements.

We also stock the full range of spare parts required to economically maintain the diaphragm valves within your system and ensure many years of reliable service.

Foot valve irrigation component

Foot valves

Agrico manufactures the most popular foot valves in southern Africa.

Installed on the suction side of the pump in an irrigation system, these valves prevent water from draining out of the system when the pump is stopped. This keeps the pump filled with water and primed for action.

The long life suction screen keeps debris out of the system, preventing clogged nozzles, while the optimised geometry minimises pressure drop to avoid cavitation in the pump.

Available in sizes from 100 mm up to 500 mm.

Check valve irrigation component

Check valves

Check valves are an essential component of any irrigation system, allowing water to flow in only one direction. They are used to keep the system filled with water when not operating, prevent water hammer, and connect multiple pumps to the same manifold.

Agrico stocks the full variety of check valves used in irrigation, including single and double door wafer-type valves, with stainless steel and chrome flaps, as well as screwed plastic and brass valves.

Butterfly valve

Butterfly valves

Isolate parts of your irrigation system from each other using butterfly valves. Butterfly valves sport a simple, compact design and are widely used in irrigation systems to isolate parts of the system from each other.

Agrico’s range of butterfly valves include lever and gear operated butterfly valves, with stainless steel and chrome plates, available in various sizes.

Combination valve irrigation component

Combination valves for de-aeration and breaking vacuums

To prevent pressure surges, water hammer, pipeline collapses and dirt being sucked into seals, it is crucial that irrigation systems are de-aerated in an orderly and controlled way, and that vacuums in pipe lines are prevented from forming when water runs downhill or valves are suddenly closed.

For this purpose, Agrico stocks a full range of ARI and Dorot combination de-aeration and vacuum breaker valves.

Ball valve irrigation component

Ball valves

Ball valves are suitable for isolation parts of irrigation systems, or modulating flow. They are mainly used in circuits with pipe diameters of 110 mm and smaller.

Agrico stocks a full range of nylon, PVC, brass and stainless steel ball valves, with screwed and PVC solvent weld connections, covering the full range of applications in the irrigation industry.

Pipes for irrigation systems

Agrico supplies an extensive range of piping for seamless water transportation. Whatever your application, we can supply the correct type of pipe, in the diameter and pressure class you need. We are experts in balancing upfront costs with energy expenditure, to ensure the most cost-effective choice of pipes for your irrigation system.

Our range includes PVC pipes, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) pipes, rubber and plastic hoses, flanged and quick-coupling galvanised steel pipes.

Explore premium, high-quality pipes to meet your water transportation needs below.

irrigation pipes
pvc pipes

PVC pipes

With over 30 years of experience, Agrico is South Africa’s oldest remaining manufacturer of PVC pipe.

We supply the full range of uPVC and mPVC pipes in all standard diameters (from 20 mm all the way up to 630 mm) and pressure classes (from class 4 up to class 20). We carry extensive stock and are usually able to deliver immediately.

uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride)

uPVC pipes are widely used in agricultural and industrial applications. They are economical, durable, corrosion free and easy to install.

Our uPVC pressure pipe conforms to the SANS 966-1 standard and is certified as such.

mPVC (modified polyvinyl chloride)

Plasticising the PVC resin during the manufacturing process modifies it to be more resistant to impacts and shocks. This allows a saving in material and cost to be achieved – mPVC pipes have a thinner wall than uPVC pipes of the same class and diameter.

Polyehylene pipes

Polyethylene pipes

Low density polyethylene (LDPE) pipes

LDPE pipe is the most economical method of transporting water when pressures and flows are low. It is suitable for use above the ground, and it is easy to connect micro sprinklers and drippers to the pipe by inserting punching holes and inserting fittings.

Since all LDPE pipe used in agriculture in southern Africa contains recycled material, it is crucial that a reputable supplier is used.

Agrico manufactures its LDPE pipe using a large component of virgin polymer and only the highest quality of recycled material purchased from reputable suppliers.

High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes
HDPE is the correct pipe when pressures are high and pipe is to be used above ground and exposed to the sun.

Agrico supplies the full range of HDPE pipes used in irrigation. Smaller diameters are available in rolls, and larger diameters are available in lengths which can be welded together in the field, or with flanges or quick coupling fittings, which are useful in situations where pipes need to be moved from time to time.

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Rubber hoses & PVC hoses

Rubber hoses

Rubber hoses are used where equipment needs to be moved or slurry needs to be pumped. They are suitable for use on the suction and on the delivery side of pumps, and can be used outdoors exposed to the sun and the elements.

Flexible PVC hoses

Where pressures are lower and UV exposure is not an issue, flexible PVC come into their own. They are often used on the suction side of pumps. These hoses are often used for indoors applications, as they are not UV-resistant and only able to tolerate low pressures.

Galvanised pipes

Galvanised steel pipes

Galvanised pipework is used extensively in and around pump stations in the irrigation industry.

With its wholly owned galvanising plant, Agrico is southern Africa’s largest supplier of galvanised steelwork for irrigation.

We stock a wide range of standard flanged pipes, and can produce almost any required pipe at short notice.

Quick couplings irrigation component

Quick coupling pipe

Quick couplings provide a secure, easy-to-mate connection between pipes used in an irrigation system. They are useful on the suction and delivery sides of pumps that need to be moved from time-to-time (for example when the level of a river changes), and are still used extensively in movable sprinkler irrigation systems.

Agrico has standardised on Perrot-type couplings, and manufactures a full range of hot dipped galvanised steel quick coupling pipes in-house. Available diameters range from 50 mm to 159 mm.

Popular diameters such as 70 mm and 159 mm are also available respectively in UV-resistant PVC and HDPE. Pipes can be ordered with saddles pre-fitted for the mounting of sprinklers.

Borehole pipes

Borehole pipes

Boreholes are an important source of water in southern Africa.

Agrico stocks and sells a comprehensive range of PVC and steel pipe for lining boreholes and for transporting water out of them, as well as plenty of fittings, necessary adapters and accessories, including flow tubes, lead out cables and borehole base plates.

Fittings irrigation components

Fittings for irrigation systems

Agrico stocks a wide selection of pipe fittings and accessories to provide you with the perfect connection.

We supply all commonly used irrigation fittings and couplings, including elbows, bends, tees, y-pieces, plugs, endcaps, strainers, bellows and many more.

Agrico also designs and manufactures custom fittings for a range of agricultural and industrial applications. Provide us with a simple hand-sketch of what you need and we will draw it up in CAD for your approval before manufacture. Our wholly owned steel factory with in-house galvanising allows us to offer the shortest lead time to the market.

If it works with water, we can connect it!

Explore Agrico’s range of fittings for irrigation systems and industrial applications below.

Compression fitting

Compression fittings

Connections to polyethylene pipes are often made using compression fittings.

HDPE compression fittings provide a secure and watertight way to connect to high density polyethylene pipe. To be able to withstand the pressures typically used in HDPE systems, these fittings employ a barbed ring which is tightened onto the pipe using a nut, which also compresses an o-ring to provide the seal.

LDPE compression fittings, such as the popular Full Flow® range, are simpler – just push them over the pipe, and you are done!

Hose barb

Hose barb fittings

In agriculture, hose barb fittings are used when connecting hoses and to other components in the system. These fittings have a hose barb or swaged shape, and are inserted into the pipe before being secured with a hose clamp.

Agrico stocks the full range of hose barb fittings used in irrigation, be they big or small, metal or plastic.

Flanged fitting

Flanged fittings

When larger pipe diameters or higher pressures are involved, flanged connections are often employed.

These include rigid fittings made of galvanised steel, and flexible flanged rubber bellows which accommodate some misalignment and movement between flanges in pipe systems.

PVC fitting

PVC fittings

PVC fittings connect to PVC pipes either with a standard PVC rubber seal, or by being solvent welded onto the pipe.

Agrico supplies an extensive range of PVC fittings, pipe seal fittings and solvent weld fittings to provide tight seals for PVC materials and pipes.

Threaded fitting

Threaded fittings

When small to medium pipe diameters are involved (typically up to 150 mm nominal bore), threaded fittings are often used. In southern Africa almost all threaded irrigation fittings use BSP threads.

Agrico stocks a wide range of threaded fittings, allowing almost any kind of pipe to be connected to threaded pumps, valves or filters.

Quick coupling component

Quick coupling fittings

The Perrot quick system is used throughout irrigation and industry in southern Africa to quickly couple and uncouple water, sewerage and other pipes.

Our range of Perrot quick coupling fittings allow you to interface quick coupling parts to flanges, threads and hose barbs and more.

multi range fittings

Multi-range couplings

Range couplings are used to connect plain ended pipes within a range of diameters to each other or to flanged pipes or fittings.

Multi-range couplings can connect steel, ductile iron, uPVC, cast iron, asbestos cement and other pipe materials.

Sprinklers, spray heads, drip-components & micro-sprinklers

Selecting the correct irrigation components are essential to help you achieve superb irrigation distribution uniformity and save water.

Besides offering complete drip, micro and sprinkler systems, Agrico also stocks the full range of components that such systems consist of.

Explore high quality drip tube, micro sprinklers and spray heads tailored for your irrigation solution below.

Sprinkler spraying

Sprinklers and spray heads

Agrico stocks all commonly used irrigation sprinklers, including those used in permaset and solid set systems, garden irrigation and turf irrigation.

Our range includes a variety of full and part-circle impact sprinklers, pop-ups and oscillating sprinklers. Our main suppliers of sprinklers and spray heads include industry leaders such as Irritol, Rain, Naandanjain and Nelson Irrigation.

Drip components

Drip irrigation components

Since the development of the plastic dripper in the early 1960’s, drip irrigation has become an important part of the irrigation landscape.

Agrico stocks and distributes drip irrigation components from the market leading manufacturers such as Netafim and Agriplas.

Our drip components include drip lines, discrete drippers and a large variety of essential accessories for drip irrigation systems.

Micro-irrigation systems are designed to optimise water consumption and provide the perfect level of moisture to promote healthy yields.

Running micro irrigation sprinkler

Micro-sprinkler irrigation components

Micro-irrigation systems are designed to optimise water consumption and provide the perfect level of moisture to promote healthy yields.

Agrico stocks a wide range of micro sprinklers and accessories sourced from leading suppliers such as Netafim and Agriplas and ideal for nurseries, greenhouses, orchards, landscaping, gardening, vegetables, hydroponics and more.

Irrigation filters

Irrigation filters

Filters are indispensable in modern drip and micro-spinkler irrigation. They protect your irrigation system by preventing outlets from getting clogged, ensuring that the system keeps delivering the correct amount of water to your crop throughout its lifetime.

Agrico manufactures its own range of Anjet filters, and stocks a wide range of filters from reputable manufacturers such as Azud, Netafim and Agriplas.

Explore our range of high-quality filters below.

Disc filters

Disc filters

Disc filters feature a large filtration area in a small package. When installed in a filter bank, they can be automatically cleaned by backwashing with clean water obtained from other filters in the bank.

Agrico manufactures its own range of Anjet disc filters, and stocks a range of disc filters from Azud, as well as other industry leaders such as Netafim.

We also stock all accessories and parts that make a filtration system complete, such as filter housings, discs and clamps.

Screen filters

Screen filters

Screen filters provide filtration for sources of contaminated water, or groundwater, that may be used within your irrigation system,

Agrico stocks Azud screen filters which provide highly effective grades of filtration for large volumes of fluids. Azud screen filters are manufactured using durable materials, maintain high resistance and are easy to maintain.

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Sand filters

Sand filters, also available with glass media, are designed to remove organic debris and particulates from water used in irrigation systems.

Sand filters are easily backwashed, and ideal for filtering water from sources such as dams, rivers, ponds and ditches.

Agrico’s sand filters are curated from Conns Manufacturing, a producer of industry standard water filters.

Electrical components

Agrico offers high-quality electric motors, transformers, electric cables and switchgear to power your irrigation system.

Direct-on-line, star-delta and soft starters enable you to switch your pumps on and off, while variable speed drives (VSDs) regulate pump speed and save energy.

Explore Agrico’s electrical components for irrigation systems below.

Electrical irrigation component
VSD irrigation components

Variable speed drives for irrigation pumps

In irrigation systems variable speed drives (VSDs) are used to vary the speed of the motor driving a pump, in order to only expend the minimum amount of energy to match the water supplied by the pump with the current water requirement of the system.

Agrico supplies hundreds of VSDs to the irrigation market every year, configured correctly for the situation at hand. No VSD is too large or too small – we have supplied, installed and commissioned drives from 5 kW all the way up to 1100 kW (19 of them).

Rain irrigation component

Advanced RAIN centre pivot control panels

Agrico’s centre pivot irrigation systems are available with our Advanced RAIN control panel, allowing you to control your centre pivot using our market-leading Web Control software, from any internet enabled smart device.

This system is also available for retrofit on all new or used competitive (non-Agrico) centre pivot irrigation systems – contact us for more information.

Pump controller component

Agrico pump controller

The Agrico Pump controller has transformed irrigation in southern Africa by allowing precise control of one or several pumps. It has saved our customers millions of kilowatt-hours of energy by matching the supply of water from pumps with the demand from the irrigation systems.

Automated irrigation is essential for producing healthy crops and reducing your reliance on energy, water, and nutrients. Pump controllers are an important part of your controlled irrigation solution.

Agrico’s range of pump controllers can also be used in combination with Agrico Web Control, which provides you with remote control over your irrigation system.

Electrical irrigation component

Other electrical components

Agrico stocks a full range of electrical components, small and large, for use in irrigation and other water supply systems in agricultural and industrial applications.

These other electrical components include electric motors, cables, step up and step down transformers, switchgear required to control pumps, Azud filter controllers, garden and turf irrigation controllers, solenoids for control valves, pressure switches and transducers, water meters and much more.

For further assistance with any other electrical components for your irrigation system, contact an Agrico agent near you.

Frequently asked questions

There are a wide variety of surface, sub-surface and drip irrigation systems out there consisting of various components. Our irrigation components are designed for use with irrigation systems such as drip irrigation systems, micro irrigation systems and overhead irrigation systems (centre pivots; linear irrigators) and may form part of an agricultural or industrial irrigation system setup.

Contact an Agrico agent to find out more about which irrigation system is ideal for meeting your farm’s requirements.

Irrigation solutions are designed based on various factors relevant to the system’s desired application.

For example, the type of irrigation system chosen is based on the farm’s size, elevation/topography, based on the crop being cultivated and other key factors.

We only design tailored irrigation solutions that meet your exact agricultural needs, and we work with you to achieve your farming objectives through reliable, efficient irrigation.

Whether you are looking for centre pivots and linear irrigators, drip and micro irrigation, or custom turnkey irrigation solutions, contact an Agrico agent to find out more today!

Irrigation components
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Agrico is a trusted supplier for hundreds of farms across Southern Africa, West Africa and other African regions on the African continent.

We supply all types of farms with premium, reliable irrigation systems with components manufactured in-house and sourced from leading local and international suppliers in the industry.

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