NAMPO 2024: Expertise in irrigation and seedbed prep under one roof

– GrainSA, Magda Du Preez and Grethe Bestbier

For more than 100 years, Agrico has been innovating to bring you some of the finest technology in agriculture. From efficient irrigation to purpose-built implements, we offer the best of both worlds. Our expertise in irrigation design and seedbed preparation is what your farm needs to take it to the next level. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself at NAMPO 2024.

Agrico G4 Centre Pivot: The world’s first theft-resistant pivot

As the leading manufacturer of centre pivots in South Africa, we’ve invested in the research and development required to bring you the most advanced technology in irrigation: the first centre pivot resistant to theft and vandalism.  Our fourth-generation pivot was designed from the ground up to incorporate every lesson learnt over the years. The result is a highly reliable, theft-resistant and sturdy irrigation machine for African conditions.

The G4 is designed to safeguard your property against theft. All cables, electrical and drive train components are secured behind steel. A completely revised compact centre with a highly secure galvanised steel main panel enclosure prevents vandalism and a protected drive train keeps your electrical components concealed. The span cable is also protected within the span pipe and tubular tower legs, with steel joints that restrict access to the cable.

The evenly loaded G4 structure allows spans of up to 70 m, the longest in the world. The narrow-built tower structure with its closely mounted wheels decreases the dead area next to the wheel track by more than 30%. Other new features include centre and span joints with corrosion- free rubber-on-plastic seals for maintenance-free operation and direct metal-on-metal flanges to eliminate UV damage to gaskets, and much more.

Our G4 is also available with the popular three-legged structure that growers know and love, which we’ll have on display at NAMPO – come take a look.

HSD630 12,5 m: Our High Speed Disc reached new widths with the largest model yet

The Agrico HSD630 series of high speed discs has proven itself a trustworthy tillage partner over the years, breaking through the roughest of soils and chopping weeds in a fraction of time. With the ever-increasing pressure on South African producers to lower their input costs and raise their yields, investing in equipment that ensures swift and efficient fi eld preparation is non-negotiable. Agrico got the message, and responded with our 12,5 m High Speed Disc. This addition to our HSD630 line-up helps you cover up to 18 ha/hour, operating at 16 km/h. One tractor, one implement and a much wider impact. The 12,5 m HSD630 is ideal for the 360 to 400 kW tractor sector. Eighty of our popular 630 mm notched-type discs, set at an aggressive angle and protected by the trusted rubber reset mechanism, offer a supreme soil preparation experience. A rigid and robust welded frame ensures stability and reliability.

A semi-mounted hitch provides more manoeuvrability and better control of over implement height when operating and transporting. Featuring a folding frame of 4 m wide and 4 m high for easy transport and storage, as well as hydraulic depth control, we are excited to bring you the next big thing in soil preparation.

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