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Agrico understands and supports you all the way.

More than 100 years of service

At Agrico, we back up our products with an unmatched service network. Agrico provides extensive irrigation services and support to make life easier for you, from first contact to design and manufacturing. Even after installation, our after-sales support won’t leave you stranded. 

Building lasting relationships is at the centre of everything we do. Agrico designers, engineers, sales representatives and service-teams go out of their way to understand your needs and provide you with the long-term support you need, any and every day of the year.

More than 30 branches all over southern Africa provide customers with the best irrigation products, advice and service. Wherever you are, whatever you need, Agrico irrigation specialists are never too far away.

Specialist insights

Consultation and advice from irrigation specialists

You can rely on our expertise as irrigation specialists. Agrico’s experienced sales teams, engineers, and technicians know your local conditions and are focused on providing you with the optimal irrigation strategy.

Agrico consultation with client
Agrico irrigation components

Engineering perspective

Extensive planning and design capabilities

Agrico has a strong team of engineers specialising in pump set design, pipework and pump station layouts. Our designs aim to optimise efficiencies, realise energy savings, simplify installation and increase the return on investment of the project.

We bring our ideas to life with high-end software and detailed technical drawings to ensure good communication, smooth production, accurate bills of materials, installation and operation.

Take a three dimensional tour through a pump station designed by the Agrico experts below.

Efficient and reliable

Delivery and installation

More than 100 skilled technicians install Agrico centre pivots, pump stations and other irrigation components all over Africa. Our teams hold the knowledge and experience to deliver and install a fully functioning system, including automation  of the entire system, on time and according to your requirements.

Agrico product installation
Maintenance/repair of Agrico machinery

Practical assistance

Maintenance and repairs

Agrico’s skilled technicians can repair pumps and centre pivots in our well-equipped workshops or on-site. Our teams keep your pumps, centre pivots, drip and micro systems and other equipment in good condition by performing everything from functional checks to services, repairs and replacement of components. We help your equipment, machinery and irrigation systems last longer and improve their durability to ensure cost-efficient operation.

Dedicated support

Extensive after-sales service and support

We take pride in a very thorough after-sales service. Our irrigation systems are widely supported in southern Africa with local factories, an extensive branch network as well as experienced dealers and installation teams. Agrico technicians are always on stand-by, so that an emergency won’t leave your crop high and dry.
Agrico machinery support
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Nation-wide retail stores

Stock and supplies all over the country

Agrico stocks an extensive range of parts all over southern Africa. Our branches are geared to serve small and large scale producers with high-quality components, complete product ranges and all kinds of irrigation equipment.
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Tell us about your irrigation system needs - we’d love to help!

Agrico has multiple branches throughout Southern Africa

We provide commercial irrigation solutions for a wide variety of farms growing a wide variety of crops. Your nearest Agrico agent can provide the necessary information, advice and support you will need to make informed decisions about your irrigation strategy.