Eco Farms, Mozambique

Map of Africa


Project specifications


Sofala Province, Mozambique
(703961.99 m E, 8082745.32 m S)


Organic sugar cane

Completion date

Phase 1: September 2020,
Phase 2: October 2020


Phase 1:  650 Ha,
Phase 2:  350 Ha


  • 20 Center pivots
  • 2 Pump stations
  • 1 Distribution dam
  • 1 River canal
  • 1 Lined canal
  • Agrico web control automation

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Project challenges

With a project the size of Eco Farms, creating the infrastructure to transport water to the crop is a tall order. Water has to be pumped from the Zambezi river to the farm’s 20 centre pivots, spread over a large area situated between 6 and 11 km from the river.

Designing an efficient irrigation system was set to be a great challenge. The Agrico team was tasked with creating a cost-effective solution that would provide value in terms of cost over time, maintenance and long-term operation.

The Agrico solution

The project drew water from the Zambezi river, from where it was carried to a river pump station via a river canal. This canal was trenched along with the pump station site, in order to position the station safely away from the river and protect it against floods. Its large size ensures a low flow speed, allowing river sediment to settle, and providing the pumps with cleaner water.

The unique layout of the pump station features a container with vertical turbine (VT) pumps, installed on top of a concrete structure placed in the middle of the suction pit. These VT pumps ensure that a fluctuating river level does not impact on the prime of the pumps, and completely eliminates the risk of pumps being flooded. Motors and controls were placed 1 m above the flood line to reduce the normal cost of maintenance and priming problems.

Bulk water pipelines consisting of 500 mm PVC pipes were installed to deliver water to a plastic-lined canal. The canal, built following a contour and cut and filled as needed, provided a cost-effective way to transport water to the distribution dam. Here, pumps equipped with variable speed drives (VSDs) regulate water pressure to save energy and improve cost-efficiency.

Another vertical pump station was built to pump the water from the distribution dam to the individual centre pivots. Infield piping and cabling were installed and finally pivot installation could begin. Starting in the south and continuing all the way to the northernmost parts, a total of 20 Agrico centre pivots were constructed. All pivots were connected to Agrico Web Control which enables remote control and smooth communication between pivots, pumps and the control system.

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