Advanced Remote Controlled Irrigation

Agrico Web Control: Effective, intuitive remote control irrigation

Agrico Web Control

Designed to provide simple, effective control over your irrigation system. An advanced remote irrigation solution, allowing farmers to fully manage and optimise their systems via an internet-enabled device of their choice.

Agrico Web Control features

Agrico web control software

Real-time monitoring & control

Allows real-time monitoring and reporting of machine status, flow and pressure, pivot positioning, direction, precipitation, environmental information and more from anywhere in the world.

Intuitive programming

Simple and easily accessible settings allow flexible yet robust programming. Specific actions can easily be set up to trigger, based on conditions such as position, time, power state and more.

Clear overview

Keeps a meticulous record of everything that happens in the system. This detailed log of all events include all user inputs, state- and sensor changes with graphed metrics.
Agrico web control software


Automated SMS warnings or missed call notifications alert you should any irregularity occur, helping you take quick action that saves energy and prevents damages.

Over-the-air updates

Never get left behind. All Agrico internet controlled hardware enjoys over-the-air firmware updates, which means you continuously receive new features as they become available.

Dynamic control

Inter-device communication enables dynamic system thresholds which unlocks additional energy savings and system safeties.

Manage your irrigation with less effort and more accuracy

At Agrico we understand that you don’t have time to waste on frustrating and complicated technology.

Agrico Web Control offers the latest in innovation and technology to help you manage your centre pivot irrigation, while maintaining the efficiency and simplicity you enjoy. Get the online solution, without the headache, that helps you save on energy, water and other costs.

Managing Agrico web control
Agrico web control irrigation

What is Agrico Web Control?

Designed to provide simple yet effective control over your irrigation system, Agrico Web Control is the ultimate remote irrigation solution.

Our Web Control software allows farmers to fully manage and optimise their systems via an app on any internet-enabled device of their choice.

Integrate centre pivots and pumps on a single app and control your irrigation from anywhere in the world with Agrico Advanced RAIN and Agrico Pump Controller.

What does Agrico Web Control do?

Controlled irrigation technology makes your life easier. Agrico Web Control offers real-time monitoring and automation of your centre pivot irrigation and remote management from any smart device. Offering an advanced control platform for pivots and pumps, Web Control makes it easy to operate large irrigation systems with various pivot points, pumps, dam levels, valves and irrigation blocks.
Rotating sprinkler irrigation component

Agrico Advanced RAIN

Remote and automated control for centre pivots

Designed for the twenty-first-century farmer, RAIN automatically controls your centre pivot irrigation according to pressure and enables you to quickly detect and respond to system issues. Only the highest-quality, branded components ensure accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Agrico Advanced RAIN is a part of our Web Control app and offers:

Agrico advanced rain irrigation

Now with optional GPS positioning and end-pressure control for proven major energy savings

Agrico Web Control features key GPS functionality, which allows you to monitor components of your systems to increase energy savings. It is particularly useful when used on farms with changing elevations.

Agrico Web Control is able to determine the position of the last tower in a centre pivot and can monitor the pressure at the end of each pivot. With our intuitive web application, you can adjust the strength of your motors and pumps to meet each pivot’s exact needs at any moment, as the towers move across your fields.

This results in significant energy savings, and energy is a key area of concern for all small and large scale farms.

Irrigation pump controller

Agrico Pump Controller

The best way to make pumps react to pivot state changes

Keep your pumps and pivots in conversation. Agrico Pump Controller provides you with complete automation and integration between pivot machines, reservoir pumps and booster pumps.

Pump Controller can control any motor starter from a simple electromechanical starter to a sophisticated variable frequency drive (VFD). The system allows you to manage up to nine pumps and closely oversee their performance to get the maximum energy optimisation.

Pump Controller, an extension of Web Control, offers:

Automation and energy optimisation

Dynamic system pressure limits human delays and can be automatically optimised for major energy savings and reduced running costs.

Various control features and triggers

Offers dynamic manifold pressure or flow control, reservoir control as well as basic on/off control. Triggers allow for sequential starting, pump priming, valve control and many custom solutions.

Safety functions

Pumps are automatically switched off in the case of a pipe malfunction to ensure safety. Includes sleep mode, low-pressure fault and pipe filling. Pumps are automatically switched off in the case of a pivot fault to minimise waste and prevent damage.

Security & audit trail

Individually assigned user rights and the latest user and device authentication ensure security. A comprehensive log of all user actions is kept for audit purposes.
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Day or night, Agrico is there for you

Agrico technicians are on standby to assist should you need any help. We also offer engineering phone support and data analysis.

Call our Web Control 24/7 technical helpline or send an email any time.