Kwanantle, Botswana

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Project specifications


Tuli Block, Southern Botswana
(-22.237706 E, 28.996540 S)


Cash crops, maize and sugar beans

Completion date

Phase 1: March 2018
Phase 2: Planned to start April 2021


Phase 1: 380 Ha
Phase 2: 105 Ha


  • 24 Center pivots
  • 3 Pump stations
  • 3 Distribution dams
  • Multiple boreholes

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Project challenges

What do you do when a farm is ideally situated between two water sources, but using either is restricted? This is the case of the Kwanantle project, located in the Tuli Block in the southern part of Botswana. Wedged between the Motloutse and the Limpopo rivers, the Kwanantle farm is not allowed to use water from either one of the two sources, and Agrico was tasked with producing the optimal irrigation solution.

Moreover, the team was asked to utilise the existing infrastructure, instead of replacing it. This included the farm’s center pivots, mainlines, and electrical reticulation.

The Agrico solution

Boreholes were installed parallel to the Motloutse river to supply water to the project. Because of the large flow rate required, more than 17 boreholes had to be drilled and equipped to feed three large reservoirs situated along the northern boundary of the farm. These boreholes were constructed near the reservoirs to keep capital expenses and running costs low.

After equipping the boreholes, the team proceeded to dig trenches for the mainlines and cable routes, install the pipeline, construct pump stations and lay cables while the pivot construction took place. Every step of the process was planned and executed by the Agrico team, who finished off the project with a thorough commissioning to assure that all systems and components were designed, installed and operating according to the client’s requirements.

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