Drip irrigation systems and micro-irrigation systems

Explore water-efficient drip and micro-irrigation systems designed locally with high-grade materials.

Drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation systems

Agrico designs, manufactures and procures a wide range of drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation systems for farms of all sizes across southern Africa.

We manufacture and supply irrigation systems that are optimised for efficiency and designed with extensive engineering capabilities and years of industry experience.

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Why choose Agrico drip and micro-irrigation systems?

In-house manufacturing reduces costs

Agrico manufactures various components in our own factories in order to supply you with drip and micro irrigation solutions at an affordable price.

Most Agrico micro and drip-irrigation systems are delivered directly to you, on the farm, adding to your convenience and helping cut transport costs.

Manufacturing inhouse irrigation components

Extensive know-how

Comprehensive knowledge on micro and drip-systems, paired with extensive design expertise, help us to recommend the optimal irrigation solution for your requirements.

Agrico represents top suppliers of micro and drip-irrigation. We are familiar with the full product ranges of companies such as Netafim and Agriplas, and have a large number of designers who share new knowledge with each other to ensure the correct product selection for your farm.

Respect for water

We take care to select the most effective spray packages to suit your crop.

We pay attention to ideal droplet size, system pressure, application rate and application depth to minimise evaporation, run-off, overwatering and other wastage.

Agrico micro drip sprinkler
Agrico custom made drip system

Custom-made for your farm

An incorrectly designed system that causes you to over-irrigate is not only a liability to your crop but also to your pocket.

Agrico delivers, installs and integrates tailor-made micro and drip-systems to suit your farming needs and help you create more value.

Benefits of drip and micro-irrigation systems

Reduce water wastage

Micro and drip-irrigation solutions limit water wastage by applying the water directly to the root zone, limiting evaporation and run-off.

Save time and money

Micro and drip-irrigation are incredibly energy-efficient methods of irrigation since only low pressure is required. After water filtration, fertiliser and biological additives can be injected and thoroughly mixed with the water, and the pH level corrected, to perfectly suit the needs of your crop.

Promote healthy plant growth and development

The perfect amount of water and nutrients reach the plant throughout the season, supporting healthy growth and development.

Reduce plant stress

The constant watering cycle produced by a drip irrigation system reduces plant stress, making for happy plants that produce abundant crops.

Agrico’s drip and micro-irrigation systems

Agrico stocks an extensive range of drip components and micro-sprinklers from leading suppliers in the industry. Our Netafim and Agriplas drip and micro-sprinkler components and systems are ideal for nurseries, greenhouses, orchards, landscaping, gardening, vegetables, hydroponic systems and more.

Our systems are designed to reduce water consumption while promoting healthy root systems with consistently correct levels of moisture and nutrients. Our range of drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation systems includes drip tubes, online/discrete drippers, micro-sprinklers and a full range of system accessories.

Explore our drip and irrigation systems and components below.

Agrico drip tubes

Drip tubes

Agrico stocks a wide variety of drip tubes, containing flat and cylindrical drippers, in all common spacings and flow rates, with and without pressure compensation.

Our drip tubes and drip lines are sourced from leading suppliers such as Netafim and Agriplas. Drip tubes and lines are manufactured from the highest quality virgin plastic resins to maintain durability throughout their lifetime.

Drippers and drip tubes curtail water usage while maintaining essential moisture and nutrient levels.

Agrico discrete dripper

Discrete drippers

Agrico stocks online/discrete drippers that are designed to deliver consistent flow rates for long run lengths and sloping terrain.

We supply various types of online drippers, including elbow arrow drippers, bubbler pressure compensated drippers and more. Our discrete drippers are sourced from Agriplas and Netafim, and feature industry-standard flow rates.

Agrico micro sprinkler


Micro sprinklers provide localised, full surface irrigation, overhead, over a set diameter or radius.

Micro sprinklers allow you to cover a larger area more easily than drip irrigation and emitters, and allow for even, consistent applications that promote healthy growth.

Agrico’s range of micro sprinklers includes our popular in-house brand Anjet, as well as micro sprinklers from Agriplas, Netafim, Irritrol and Rain.

Drip accessories

Drip and micro-irrigation accessories

Agrico’s range of drip and micro-irrigation accessories is indispensable when putting the complete irrigation solution together.

We stock industry standard accessories for drip and micro irrigation, including nozzles, clips, couplings, fittings, caps, barrels, washers, screws and much more.

IDPE filtration

LDPE pipes

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) pipes are ideal for drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation systems.

They can be used above or below ground, be routed around corners as required, and it is easy to connect micro sprinklers and drippers to the pipe by punching holes and inserting fittings.

Since all LDPE pipe used in agriculture in southern Africa contains recycled material, it is crucial that a reputable supplier is used.

Agrico manufactures its LDPE pipe using a large component of virgin polymer and uses only the highest quality of recycled material purchased from reputable suppliers.

Agrico irrigation filter


Filtration is an indispensable part of drip and micro-irrigation systems, since these systems contain small nozzles and orifices which are easily, and in some cases permanently, clogged if debris and dirt is allowed to reach them.

We stock all types of filters commonly used in irrigation, including screen filters, sand filters, disc filters, which we manufacture in-house or purchase from reputable suppliers such as Azud, Netafim, Conns and Agriplas.

irrigation 3d model

Get the full picture with 3D modelling

Increasingly, Agrico drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation systems, along with their pump houses, are designed as digital 3D CAD models.

3D modelling allows us to design an optimal irrigation system more accurately, identifying problem areas upfront and addressing them before the first part is shipped. This process ensures that our irrigation systems are produced according to accurate specifications and bills of materials, and that every component within the system fits perfectly.

It also allows us to effectively communicate the offering to our customers, eliminating unwanted surprises when goods start arriving on site.

Lastly, it helps us shorten the time required to deliver and install a trustworthy system that meets all of your agricultural needs.

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Frequently asked questions about drip and micro-irrigation systems

Drip irrigation is a type of micro-irrigation method that offers an incredibly water-efficient irrigation solution. In a drip irrigation system, drippers slowly and precisely deliver water and nutrients directly to a plant’s root zone.

This method of irrigation minimises water loss due to evaporation and run-off, which are common with overhead watering systems, like linear irrigators or centre pivot systems.

Drip-irrigation is well-suited to wider spaced crops, including vineyards, most orchards (e.g. orange, mango, apple and pomegranate), vegetables (e.g. tomato, cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, peas and spinach), cash crops (e.g. blueberries, strawberries and grains such as wheat, rice and corn) and various other perennial crops where higher initial cost and running costs are justified.
Micro-irrigation, or micro-sprinkler irrigation, is a smart and water-savvy approach to irrigating crops. It delivers water, at low pressure and low volume, directly to the surface of the soil, thereby minimising water wastage.

There are various types of micro-irrigation systems. Water can be sprinkled at a low height in various directions through micro-sprinklers, or drippers can carry the correct volume of water and place it near the plant, just to name a few.

Drip and micro-irrigation systems are designed to operate very efficiently. They are easy to set up, require low maintenance and have an extended lifetime.

Drip and micro-irrigation systems emit solutions/water directly to the base of the root zone.

This provides water savings and energy savings, as drip and micro-irrigation systems only require low pressure to operate effectively.

These systems also ensure uniform irrigation and isolate moisture around the plant’s root zone which results in crops with less inhibited surrounding growth.

Drip and micro-irrigations are systems tailored around the size of your farm and your farming requirements which influence the cost of your system.

The initial costs/set-up costs of a drip and micro-irrigation system for a large farm might be high. However, it is an effective way to save both money and time when it comes to water, energy and maintenance, and also delivers increased yields.

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