Agrico is a deep-rooted and steadfast irrigation company. We build long-term relationships with our clients to provide them with the optimal solution to meet their irrigation needs.

Agrico - Irrigation specialists

Extensive irrigation expertise under one roof

For more than 100 years, Agrico has been faithfully serving growers all over the continent by providing them with the best technical solutions, irrigation systems and components, as well as ongoing support.

As the largest irrigation supplier in southern Africa, Agrico embodies depth of knowledge and experience, with extensive design capabilities and first-class service. More than 35 branches with walk-in stores stock an extensive range of quality and well-priced irrigation components.

We also complete turnkey irrigation projects all over the continent, delivering reliable and customised irrigation systems that make the most of the available resources.

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Agrico - Irrigation supplies and components

Your one-stop shop for irrigation supplies and components

More than 35 branches with extensive stock provide you with the widest range of irrigation supplies and components for your irrigation system. From emitters and sprinklers to pipes and valves, we keep each and every part of the irrigation system under one roof.

Explore our extensive offering of irrigation supplies.

irrigation pipes


Get high-quality irrigation pipes manufactured in-house as well as pipes from other top producers for seamless water transportation.

Agrico fittings


Make the perfect connection with the highest quality of standard and custom-made irrigation fittings of all shapes and sizes.
Agrico valves


Select from a full range of irrigation valves to help you control flow, protect pipes and improve your irrigation system’s functionality.
Agrico irrigation pump


Look after the heart of your irrigation system, your pump, to ensure a steady and reliable flow of water to produce a healthy crop.
Agrico filters


Protect your irrigation system with the best filtration to prevent clogging and other issues.

Agrico sprinklers


Achieve exceptional water distribution and save water with high-quality sprinklers and spray heads for your irrigation system.

Agrico machine circuitry

Electrical control

Schedule irrigation and manage pressure and application depth with energy-saving electrical control components for your irrigation systems.
Agrico centre pivot

Centre pivots

Enjoy efficient irrigation, uniform wetting and years of service from our sturdy and durable Agrico centre pivots, now also available with Agrico Web Control for remote control.

Agrico drip irrigation pipes

Drip and micro-irrigation

Save water with a drip or micro-irrigation system, correctly specified for your situation and assembled from components manufactured by Agrico and other market leaders.
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Agrico - Irrigation projects

Turnkey irrigation projects in Africa

With extensive design capabilities and great passion, we complete start-to-finish irrigation projects throughout Africa.

Our projects offer elegant irrigation solutions, using only the best components and technology. At Agrico, our mission is to provide you with a design that achieves the optimal use of your available water and energy resources.

Agrico - Innovation

Remote and precise irrigation with Agrico Web Control

Agrico Web Control offers real-time monitoring and automation of your irrigation system from any smart device.

Our innovative software provides multiple farming benefits, from water and energy savings to precise pressure control via internet-based control systems. Manage pivots, control your pumps and effortlessly monitor overall performance.

Find out more about Agrico Web Control, the smart irrigation solution.

Agrico web control app

Agrico - Irrigation systems and solutions

There is no such thing as the best irrigation system

There is only the best irrigation solution for the situation at hand. At Agrico, we specify the irrigation system to suit the purpose best. We align your farm’s objectives, curating irrigation solutions to suit a wide variety of commercial applications.

We provide commercial and controlled irrigation systems for clients and farms across southern Africa, and keep stock of a wide range of irrigation components such as valves, pump sets, pipes, fittings and much more.

Make the most of your available resources with a customised and optimised irrigation system to help you farm more efficiently. Learn more about our water-wise irrigation systems below.

Centre pivot irrigation system

Centre pivot irrigation systems

Agrico is synonymous with centre pivots. We have spent decades perfecting our centre pivot systems to bring you advanced and reliable machines that you can trust. With a sturdy structure, extra-thick galvanising, optimal nozzle spacing and long spans, Agrico centre pivots deliver water efficiently and increase yields.

Micro drip irrigation system

Drip and micro-irrigation systems

Drip irrigation and micro-irrigation systems provide moisture to the surface or subsurface of your medium via drippers, sprinklers, foggers, pipes or other emitters. Our drip and micro-irrigation systems save water and improve plant health. We work closely with market-leading manufacturers of drip and micro-irrigation components to offer the perfect system for your crops, applying the ideal droplet size at a low pressure, correct rate and appropriate height.

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Agrico - Vision

Growing long-term relationships through irrigation

Agrico is your partner in irrigation.

We strive to always act in your best interest, not ours. We provide you with a specialised irrigation solution that meets your farming needs and goals, supporting you on your way to success.

At Agrico, we are devoted to understanding your needs and providing the best technical solutions with ongoing support. That is why we take the time to get to know you, your farm and resources, challenges and opportunities.

With a large team of agricultural, engineering and industrial specialists, we have the in-house expertise to help you make the best decision for your crops.

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Tell us about your irrigation system needs - we’d love to help!

Agrico has multiple branches throughout southern Africa

We provide commercial irrigation solutions for a wide variety of farms growing a wide variety of crops. Your nearest Agrico agent can provide the necessary information, advice and support you will need to make informed decisions about your irrigation strategy. Get in touch with us today.

Frequently asked questions

Irrigation broadly refers to the process of supplying water to an intended target, such as land and crops to facilitate growth.

Irrigation can be used in a commercial, industrial or recreational context and involves a range of components and irrigation systems to ensure water is delivered in a controlled manner from a source for an intended purpose.

An irrigation solution refers to a tailor-made irrigation system that fulfils your growing or landscaping needs. Such a solution incorporates a collection of equipment, components and technology that work together across the area of operations to distribute water efficiently.

There are many types of irrigation solutions and systems including drip and micro-irrigation, centre pivot irrigation and sprinkler irrigation systems. Different systems are optimally suited for different farming applications depending on many factors such as crop, climate, soil type, topography and available resources.

Controlled irrigation is a general term that refers to a system that maintains the desired level of moisture for crop growth, with or without the need for a human operator. Control systems come in many forms, from simple solutions to more advanced controlled irrigation systems that use smart technology or software for remote and automatic control.

An irrigation system is designed by taking into account many factors such as the crop or plants to be irrigated, the climate, soil type, available water, and applying knowledge about the available solutions to the situation.

In most cases there is an important trade-off to be made between up-front costs and operating costs. For example, installing larger pipes may save enough energy to justify their higher initial cost.

Smart irrigation refers to irrigation that is controlled by, or relies on, autonomous modern digital infrastructure for operation, analysis and maintenance.

The owner of a smart irrigation system may be able to access it via the cloud and control various facets of the system while monitoring key performance indicators provided by the digital platform.

Smart irrigation can provide a range of benefits, from water savings and cost savings to autonomous scheduling.

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