Agrico and Nedbank join forces to provide innovative funding solutions for producers

Innovative funding solutions

Enhanced financing options for your new centre-pivot irrigation systems

Agrico and Nedbank share a deep commitment to supporting the agricultural sector as a key contributor to the South African economy. We recognise the importance of sustainable farming practices, not only in ensuring the nation’s food security but also in nurturing the long-term health of the agricultural industry.

This partnership signifies a significant step towards empowering you with the financial resources needed to optimise your farming operations.

Nedbank’s finance offering

Key features and benefits of Nedbank’s finance offering*

Agrico’s water-efficient irrigation systems

Empowering you with a distinct competitive edge in the market

We believe that embracing advanced irrigation technology and improved farming practices increase efficiency, boosts yields and reduces water and electricity usage. This not only drives long-term cost savings but increased profitability. We encourage you to switch to Agrico’s water-efficient irrigation systems, empowering you with a distinct competitive edge in the market.

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How to apply?

For further details, please get in touch with your local Agrico representative or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you.