Agricultural machinery and implements

Agrico implements offer great quality and value for money.

Only the best equipment to drive you towards success

Agrico manufactures purpose-built agricultural implements and machinery to power and support efficient farming.

Our robust and reliable agricultural implements and machinery are locally designed and manufactured. Suited for a wide variety of applications, from soil preparation to earthmoving, tillage and spraying, Agrico implements offer great quality and value for money.

With over 100 years of experience, extensive design and engineering capabilities and dedicated after-sales support, you can trust our range of implements.

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Locally designed for African conditions

We understand the tough environments that farmers face throughout southern Africa.

Our implements are robust, energy-efficient and designed to handle even the roughest of terrain, providing you with years of loyal service and asking for very little in return.

Invest in a robust machine engineered for African conditions.

Tough as nails and built to last

Agrico uses only high tensile steel to manufacture parts.

We provide certain materials with extra-thick galvanising to prevent corrosion, extending the lifetime of your implements.

Reasonably priced to give you value for money

Agrico implements are manufactured in the same in-house factories as our market-leading irrigation systems and components.

This enables us to offer locally made, durable equipment at reasonable and affordable prices.

Widespread support and service

With our 37 branches positioned throughout southern Africa, an Agrico expert is never far away.

We offer quick assistance and thorough after-sales service – our technicians are always ready to support you and your Agrico implements with maintenance, spare parts or repairs.

Agrico agricultural machinery and implements

Agrico is a leading supplier and manufacturer of agricultural machinery and implements. We produce agricultural machinery made from the highest quality materials, and back up our products with dedicated after-sales service.

Explore our range of machinery and implements, or contact us to organise an implementation demonstration.

Agrico ripper


Rippers are used to penetrate and mechanically break up soil or other growing mediums, and shatter soil hardpans. These powerful implements provide deep underground tillage to lessen the compaction of soil that naturally occurs over time.

Agrico disc harrow

Disc Harrows

Disc harrows are used to turn over, break up and loosen the topsoil to support plant growth and encourage healthy root zones. Disc harrows are also used to effectively remove weeds and the remnants of previous crops and their roots. These residues are mixed in with new topsoil and nutrients, improving the quality of the soil.

Agrico tipper


Rollers are a secondary tillage tool used to break up lumps of earth, often left by disc harrows and ploughing activities. Rollers compact soil to eliminate large air pockets within grow mediums. There are different rollers for different agricultural applications. A plain roller, for example, is often used to compact grassland damaged by winter heaving, while corrugated rollers may be used to crush clods and firm soil after ploughing.

Agrico tipper


Tippers are earth-moving equipment that can be filled with crops, soil or other materials to be transported and dumped at specific locations. These incredibly useful implements provide a wide range of services for small scale farms and large commercial farming operations.

Agrico trackfiller


Trackfillers are used to repair ruts in the land left by agricultural equipment and compress the soil to provide a stronger foundation. Ruts are typically caused by irrigation systems or agricultural implements, such as the deep wheel tracks left by a centre pivot irrigation system. A rutted field can impede the functionality of centre pivots, increasing its energy use, stress and wear, as well as hinder the growth of crops. Agrico trackfillers easily fill tracks and ruts to provide healthy and restored fields.

Agrico sprayer


Agrico sprayers are designed for uniform spraying action and efficient application of fertilizers, pesticides and crop enhancers, Our sprayers help protect your crops and improve yields. Quality components and modern technology ensure that you get the job done using less power and less fuel.

We trust our products - you can too

We take responsibility for our products and are committed to ongoing maintenance for any issues that may arise.

Agrico extends a one-year warranty for any implement purchased, as well as a four-year warranty on frames.

Contact us to discuss your farm equipment and implement needs or learn more about our dedicated after-sales support and warranties.

Frequently asked questions

Agricultural implements or machinery generally refers to mechanical equipment used by farmers to perform a variety of functions, from removing and repairing land, to preparing land for successful cultivation.

Agricultural machinery can include a wide range of equipment, such as vehicles for large scale agricultural use, and hand tools and power tools for performing smaller scale or more specific farming functions.

Agrico manufactures high-quality machinery and implements used in a wide variety of commercial applications, from small and large scale farming operations to industrial applications.

Agrico machinery is designed and manufactured by our engineers and technicians in three well-equipped and fully-owned factories based in South Africa. We only use exceptional quality materials, implement through quality control measures and provide product support throughout southern Africa from our 33 branches, with expert agents on hand to provide assistance.

Contact the dedicated Agrico team to find out more.

Agrico provides a range of systems for farmers running small scale or large scale farming operations, including types of irrigation systems, irrigation supplies and components, as well as equipment for industrial, water system related applications.

We also stock a range of equipment and components curated from the world’s leading brands/companies in the industry, including KSB, Franklin Motors, Nelson, DAB, Wilo electric, and many more.

Agrico disc harrow
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We provide commercial irrigation solutions for a wide variety of farms growing a wide variety of crops. Your nearest Agrico agent can provide the necessary information, advice and support you will need to make informed decisions about your irrigation strategy. Get in touch with us today.