Black Star Farm, Zambia

Map of Africa

Project specifications


Serenje district, Zambia
(818357.66 m E, 8493758.23 m S)


Row crop, wheat, soybeans and maize

Completion date

Phase 1: 2019


Phase 1: 1 730 Ha


  • 17 Centre pivots
  • 2 Pumps stations
  • 1 Distribution dam
  • Gravity feed section

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Project challenges

The unique challenge of this project was the farm’s layout. Two thirds of the project is located on the far side of a mountain. This means that water has to be pumped from the main dam to a holding dam on top of the hill, whereafter gravity is used to direct water towards the centre pivots.

The Agrico solution

A 32 million cubic meters dam was constructed on the Munte river to supply water to the farm. The installation process, planned and executed by Agrico in its entirety, started with the supply of 3 x 600 mm steel pipelines underneath the dam wall. These pipelines feed water into a containerised pump station supplied from our factory in South Africa.

From the pump station, the water is carried via bulk lines to a booster pump station and then to a holding dam situated at the top of the hill. From here water gravitates into the centre pivot scheme, irrigating lands at a distance of almost 7 km from the dam.

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