Agrico sprayers are designed for uniform spraying action and efficient application of fertilizers, pesticides and crop enhancers. Our sprayers help protect your crops and improve yields.

The SB Blower Sprayer

Perfected by years of know-how

The years have taught us how to build a simple yet robust sprayer. Quality components and modern technology ensure that you get the job done using less energy and less fuel. With a strong hot dip galvanised frame and durable polyethylene tank, the Agrico Blower sprayer is built for optimal performance and a variety of applications, whether it be crops, vegetation or soil.


Boasts with an extremely robust and reliable design, fitted with a polyethylene tank designed for use on slopes without the pump sucking air. A strong hot dip galvanised frame and durable Bertolini piston diaphragm pump add to the sprayer’s durability.
Agrico sprayer
Agrico sprayer


A short turning radius eliminates the disadvantages of a hinging drawbar or special driveshafts, while the fan arrangement reduces vibration and pickup of dust and leaves. Moreover, quick couplers are added for optional cleaning guns, under-tree sprayers and fire-fighting guns.


A highly efficient galvanised fan needs less power and saves fuel, providing you with an energy-efficient and cost-efficient spraying solution.
Agrico sprayer
Agrico sprayer

Low maintenance

The Agrico SB Blower Sprayer is fitted with an automatic valve to enable filter maintenance without draining the tank. An accessible driveshaft eases the servicing process, simplifying your sprayer maintenance routine even further.


Specifications SB 1000 SB 1600
Tank size (l) 1 000 1 600
Height (mm) 1 300 1 650
Ground clearance (mm) 260 280
Width (mm) 1 400 1 400
Max flow (l/min) 70 154
Max pressure (MPa) 4 5
Diameter (mm) 630 800
Power requirement (kW) 11 20
Nozzle count 12 18
Max airflow (m^3/h) 54 000 68 000

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