Low maintenance and versatile, scrapers are the ultimate earthmoving companions. Easily remove gravel or soil, load and layer materials, and level uneven terrains with Agrico scrapers and graders.

The Agrico S-Series Scraper

Your universal earth moving machine

Ideal for loading, transporting or layering to an exact depth, the Agrico S-Series scraper is the ideal earthmover to handle soil, gravel and other material. Agrico scrapers offer versatility, strength and cost-efficiency, all in one.
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The all-in-one earth mover

The S-series scraper is designed to be a solution fit for many tasks. A single operator can load, transport and unload soil, gravel or other material to a controlled depth. Suitable for earthmoving, laserplaning, landplaning or layering of material, our scraper offers versatility and efficiency like few others.
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Precise control and adjustable cutting depth

The fixed blade on the S-Series scraper makes it ideal for land levelling, while a semi-mounted configuration offers precise control and increased traction. The scraper mounts to the three-point hitch of your tractor, giving you excellent control while leveling the terrain. The cutting depth of our front-eject scrapers can be easily adjusted with the tractor’s hitch.

Efficiency in both fuel-usage and heavy loading

The Agrico S-Series scraper offers extremely low ground pressure which leads to fuel efficiency and ease of use. Built with a strongpoint for push-loading, the scraper’s rear bumper allows you to push the scraper with another tractor from behind when heavy loading is being done.
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MODEL S5 S6 S8 S10 S12 S16 S20
Capacity (m^3) 5 6.3 8 10 12.5 16 20
Cutting width (m) 2 2.5 2.5 3.15 3.15 3.9 4.5
Power (kW) 100 125 160 200 250 320 400
Standard wheels 18.4 - 34 single 18.4 - 38 single 20.8 - 38 single 18.4 - 38 double 20.8 - 38 double 20.8R42 double 710 - 70R42 double

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