Agrico Web Control GPS can now be operated without cellphone coverage

Say hello to a new wired connection option for our Web Control GPS. Our GPS can now be operated without GSM coverage. The result? Reliable positioning and pressure data for control even in low to no network coverage areas.

Our GPS helps farmers optimise their energy expenditure

Since the launch of our GPS unit, we have been optimising the power consumption of our centre pivots by up to 28%*. Our software accurately determines the position of the last tower and monitors the pressure at the end of the pivot. The pressure is then communicated to a pump equipped with a variable speed drive (VSD), which allows pumps and motors to vary speed according to the pivot’s exact need at any given moment. This leads to significant energy savings. Now, with wired GPS communication, you can experience all these benefits without the headache of poor signal or network outages. 

How does wired GPS communication work?

The solution makes use of wired GPS communication to navigate and overcome poor network signal and connectivity issues. GPS and pressure data is sent via a single RS485 communication cable, which can be retrofitted to any GPS-enabled G3 centre pivot.


  • More reliable and robust than wireless communication.
  • Not susceptible to poor network signal or network outages.
  • Not susceptible to electromagnetic interference and noise.
  • Connection is constant without fluctuations in speed of transmitted signals.
  • Easy to connect from the GPS on the last tower via UV resistant shielded CAT5/6  to the Advanced Rain unit via RS-485 communication.
  • Can be retrofitted to any GPS-enabled G3 centre pivots.
  • Sends GPS and Pressure data via a single RS485 communication cable.

Order & Guide

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D088636 User Guide: SP Wired-GPS Retrofit

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