Agrico Tandem Sprayer

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  • The heavy duty fibreglass tank is resistant to chemicals and ultra violet rays and has a capacity of 2 000 litres.

  • The frame is of galvanised steel.

  • A Bertolini 2136Poli pump (125 litres/min, 1 500 kPa) is fitted, driven from the tractor’s PTO. This is of the piston diaphragm type and can be used to pump liquid fertiliser and other corrosive materials as the material being pumped never comes into contact with the pistons. AGRICO has been successfully using similar Bertolini pumps for many years.

  • Plus much more


Agrico Ripper

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  • Adjustable tine spacing

  • Standard shares with low draught force

  • Protected by 50kN shearing bolts

  • Category II three point hitch

  • Tines manufactured from Roqlast

  • Frame manufactured from 300WA high strength steel


Agrico Scraper

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  • Easy to se by a single operator

  • Sturdy stand to keep implement upright

  • Blade angle adjustable in 15° increments

  • Can be used for back dosing as well as scraping forward

  • Category II three point hitch

  • Manufactured from grade 300WA high strength steel

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Agrico T1000 Reset Ripper

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  • The Agrico T1000 is a proven and popular reset ripper.

  • Ideal working depth from 400 to 630 mm.

  • Frame clearance 1 000 mm.

  • Breakaway force 7 600 N (760 kg).

  • Plus much more


Agrico Scraper

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The Agrico scraper is the universal earthmoving machine, one operator can:

  • load the machine with soil.

  • transport soil where it is necessary.

  • unload the soil to a controlled depth with the blade staying on a fixed height.

  • Plus much more


Agrico T800 Ripper

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  • The Agrico T800 is a proven and popular reset ripper.

  • Ideal working depth from 250 to 400 mm.

  • Frame ground clearance 800 mm.

  • Power needed per tine is ± 16 kW.

  • Plus much more


Agrico Stalk Chopper

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  • The Agrico stalk chopper is a proven multi purpose implement.

  • Used to shred crop residue.

  • Triple sealed, self aligning ball bearings, mounted in shock absorbing rubber rings.

  • Drawbar tongue is made of high tensile steel for extra wear resistance.

  • Plus much more


Agrico 6.3 and 10t Trailer

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  • The Agrico 6,3 and 10 ton trailer is a robust trailer.

  • All trailers are roadworthy with chevron, lights, mudflaps and run-under protection.

  • 400/60-15.5 tyres for excellent flotation on sandy soil.

  • Floor height is a low 1 050 mm for a low centre of gravity for extra safety and easy loading.

  • Drawbar length is 2 000 mm for excellent manoeuvrability.

  • Plus much more


Agrico D710 Disc Harrow

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  • A modern, heavy duty implement, with a frame of 200x150 mm rectangular tube.

  • A multi-purpose disc harrow for stalk chopping or the preparation of perfect seedbeds.

  • Triple sealed, self aligning ball bearings, mounted in shock absorbing rubber rings.

  • Gang bolts of 45 mm round high tensile steel, with 285 mm disc spacing.

  • Plus much more


Agrico LT Ripper

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  • The Agrico LT-series is a proven and popular shearbolt ripper.

  • Spacing between tines is fully adjustable.

  • Available in 3-point mounted and drawn models.

  • Very low draught force.

  • Plus much more


Agrico Row Crop Cultivator

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  • The AGRICO cultivator is a high quality implement for the cultivation of row crops at up to 12 km/h built with the best technology and -materials with a model for every configuration.

  • Highly suitable for seedbed preparation and ideal for moisture conservation and prevention of wind erosion.

  • Heavy duty - Famous DVS tines mounted on a robust spring and shank for extreme conditions.

  • Standard duty - Famous spring steel S-tines with helper springs are adjustable and ensure very low draught requirements, due to high frequency vibrations and very narrow streamlined profile at share fixing point. This result in very low fuel consumption and production costs.

  • Plus much more


Agrico T1250 Ripper

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  • The Agrico T1250 is a proven and popular reset ripper.

  • Ideal working depth from 600 to 800 mm.

  • Frame clearance 1 250 mm.

  • Breakaway force 12 500 N (1 250 kg).

  • Plus much more


Agrico 3PT Sprayers

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  • The heavy duty polyethelene tank is resistant to chemicals and ultra violet rays and has a capacity of 400 or 630 litres.

  • The frame is galvanised steel.

  • The wet stainless steel spray boom can be 8, 10, 12 or 16 metres wide.

  • The boom is equipped with non drip nozzles.

  • Local manufacture means that the sprayer is very competitively priced against imported machines.


Agrico Trackfiller

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  • The AGRICO Trackfiller fills centre pivot ruts, and compresses the soil.

  • Robust welded frame for longevity.

  • Adjustable soil compression.

  • Working width of 1.6 m.

  • Power requirement ± 32 kW.

FMG Delving Plow

Agrico FMG Delving Plow

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  • Maximum working depth is 800mm.

  • Rear scuffler working depth and cutting width is adjustable.

  • Cutting width is 500 mm on main share and 320-400mm on scuffler share.

  • Power required is 100 - 160kW, depending on working depth, speed and soil type.

  • Cat III/IV 3-point hitch.

Agrico SD1000

Agrico SD1000 Ripper

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  • Ideal for road building and bush clearing

  • Ideal working depth of 400 to 630mm

  • Frame clearance of 1 000mm

  • Power needed per tine is 40 - 50kW

Pamflet HP Cleaner 2018.jpg

Agrico HP Cleaner

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  • Inline filter on the supply side of the pump.

  • Motor switches off automatically when the trigger is released or no flow is present. No water is circulated in the pump, preventing overheating and possible damage.

  • Soap is sucked into the system on the high pressure side. No chemicals in the pump.

  • Hands free change between soap and high pressure water. Easily done by flipping over the gun.


Agrico T710 Chisel Plow

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  • Maximum working depth of 250 - 300mm.

  • Under frame clearance: 710mm.

  • Tine breakaway force: 2000N.

  • Power requirement: ± 7.5kW per tine depending on working depth, speed and soil.

  • Reset action is automatic, without reducing speed or raising the implement.

6,3t Tipper.JPG

Agrico 6,3t Tipper Trailer

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  • Tipping done with single, centrally placed hydraulic cylinder.

  • 400/60-15.5 tyres for excellent flotation.

  • Floor height is a low 560 mm for a low centre of gravity, for extra stability and easy loading.

  • Load body made of 4 mm high strength steel for longevity.


Agrico D630 Disc Harrow

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  • High tensile Ø630 x 6 mm discs, notched front & rear.

  • 250 mm disc spacing.

  • Ø40 mm carbon steel gangbolts.

  • Mass per blade 40-50 kg.

  • Maximum working depth: 160 - 200 mm.

Agrico HSD630 High Speed Disc

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  • Robust, rigid, welded frame ensures stability and reliability.

  • Individual rubber reset mechanism protects discs and bearings.

  • High working speed ensures excellent performance.

  • High tensile steel Ø630 x 6 mm notched discs, front and rear.

  • Optional rollers available for soil consolidation and leveling and depth control.