6D Series: 6100D - 6110D - 6125D



6D Series: 6115D - 6130D

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6M Series

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Our “Achiever” – the John Deere 6M Series – has been designed to be your trustworthy partner in all aspects of your agricultural business. Whatever your goals, your 6M tractor will help you achieve them all with ease, every day.


7R Series

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Meet the John Deere 7R Series tractor. With the new 9.0 l PowerTech PVX and 6.8 l PowerTech PSX engines, Intelligent Power Management, spacious CommandView II Cab, cab suspension, optional ActiveCommand Steering and, of course, much much more.


8R Series

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To work the land from one horizon to the other you need a tractor that leads the way in power and versatility. But it should also be exceptionally comfortable and highly efficient so you can stay refreshed and productive. Both night and day. That’s why it’s time you discovered the new 8R Tractor Series from John Deere.


9R Series

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Imagine the power of up to 560 horses all packed into a pioneering
high-tech tractor, ready to take on your toughest agricultural tasks
with untiring exuberance.
Meet the new John Deere 9R Series tractors with heaps of stunning