Series 1010 Integral Planters

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The 1010 Integral planter is your ideal planter for corn, sorghum, soybeans, cotton and beans and is available for conventional or a type of reduced tillage planting.



Series 1100 Planters

The productivity of a plantation, among others, is defined at the time of the planting. That’s why John Deere offers to producers several solutions in mechanized systems. With the Series 1100 Planters
you will have the proper equipment to meet your working conditions, which will lead to a high quality planting operation.



1590 Box Drill

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There are many ways to seed your fields and the John Deere 1590
Box Drill is perfect to handle all of them – from conventional-till
to no-till, from grains to legumes, from plain grain to grass seed or
even combination grain/fertiliser seed boxes.



Series 2100 Planters

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When working in planting, producers always invest in the best seed, also in both proper fertilizer and herbicide. That’s why it’s essential to invest in a planter with high technology and performance, such as John Deere Planter, which meets all requirements and expectations for a perfect planting operation.




MP25 Planter

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The MP25 features a heavy duty frame for better stability of planting units




MaxEmerge Plus planters

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Meet the next generation of MaxEmerge technology. . . the MaxEmergePlus row-unit.
Now, more than a dozen advancements are added to the proven Tru-Vee opener and VacuMeter system to give you all-new strength, accuracy, and convenience.