1. Irritrol POP-UP 430R

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When your application calls for more than ordinary sprayheads, but not enough for large rotors, we offer the 430R– the newest member of the Irritrol family. With a familiar arc setting and the ability to quick check the left and right stops, the 430R is sure to save time on installation.



2. Irritrol POP-UP 450R

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With an industry recognized top arc adjustment, and the ability to quick check the arc setting, there’s no training necessary when setting this rotor. All this, along with superior water efficient nozzle technology, makes this rotor the choice for professional contractors.


3. Irritrol POP-UP 550R

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With its proven ¾” gear-driven design, 50’ of watering radius and a full 5” pop-up, this rotor just gets more done. Installation is made simple with Irritrol’s familiar top arc adjustment and all-in-one full- and part-circle operation from 40 to 360 degrees. And, with the ability to quick check the arc with positive left and right stops, set-up time is further reduced. The 550R comes with a wide selection of nozzles (8 standard and 4 low angle nozzles) making it the ideal rotor for your everyday installations.


4. Irritrol POP-UP Platinum Sport

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A full 5 3/4-inch pop-up height provides superior coverage in tall grass, while full- and part-circle operation in one unit reduces inventory requirements and increases convenience. Add to this a choice of seven nozzle sizes and it’s easy to see why the Platinum Sport Series is quickly becoming an industry favorite.


5. Irritrol Sprinkler Platinum Sport

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Engineered for endurance, the Platinum Sport Series provides a water-lubricated drive assembly, automatic arc return to protect against tampering and vandalism, and a variable reversing stator, among other features, to enhance reliability and ensure top-notch performance on sports fields and in other high-demand installations.


6. Irritrol Sprinkler CR500S

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Irritrol Systems’ CR500 Series mid-range, gear-driven rotor offers advanced performance and state-of-the-art features to provide reliable full- and part-circle operation in one unit. Perfect for residential and light commercial applications, its ease of installation and service go second to none.