Founded in 1946, Dorot Control valves is a leading global developer, manufacturer and marketer of wide range of products for the water market. Products include Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV), automatic control valves, air valves, mechanical valves and water meters.

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With branches and dealers throughout South Africa AGRICO supplies Water Boards, Municipalities, Mines,Industrial-, Irrigation- and Plumbing markets with Dorot Automatic Control Valve Solutions.


1. Dorot 1" Airvalve


- 1" Automatic Air Valve


2. Dorot Airvalve Kinetic 1"


- 1" Kinetic Air Valve


3. Dorot Airvalve 2" Auto


- 2" Combination Air Valve


4. Dorot Industrial Airvalves


- 2" / 50mm to 12" / 300mm


6. Dorot Industrial Valves Series 300

Automatic Hydraulic Control Valves

DOROT'S 300 Series is the latest line of state-of-the-art globe type, automatic control valves. This line is designed to withstand even the most demanding water control system requirements. The experts at DOROT developed this technically advanced line with capabilities far beyond any other valve on the market


7. Dorot Control Valves

This new catalogue includes new models as well as modifications of previous products. The updated information in this edition invalidates the data of the previous edition. This catalogue does not replace other technical publications such as the design manual which is available from DOROT. We are confident that you will be able to use this catalogue as a convenient guide for choosing among the wide range of DOROT products


9. Globe & Angle Irrigation Valves

The series 80 valves are designed to offer the highest performance in greenhouse, field crops and turf irrigation systems. With straight or angle flow design, the 80 series valves are used for all control applications while ensuring minimal maintenance and maximal reliability.